two a.m. with a guard
by Dory Previn
it's two a.m.
i cannot sleep
i pace the halls
someone is calling
help me hey somebody help me
i guess it beats counting sheep
i know it beats counting sheep

it's two fifteen
i sit in fear
i have a guard
someone is sobbing
i love you yes no i don't
i guess the guard doesn't hear
i know the guard doesn't hear

it's three a.m.
some just screamed
i stand aloof
and listen to the torment
jesus jesus jesus
i guess it's something someone dreamed
it must be something someone dreamed

i head for my room
well don't you see
i'd get some sleep
if they'd stop
calling cursing crying
it all those voices
would let me be
let me be
at two a.m.
when no one is awake
but me.

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