Dory Previn
"Dory Previn's lyrics are first-rate poems, 
which is a rarity.  Dory Previn is a poet  
and that is rarer still." ____Mike Nichols
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Dory Previn
A moving and strikingly original group of autobiographical lyrics dealing with child- hood, marriage, love, loneliness, death and the search for the inner self by the talented singer- composer Dory Previn, who has brought new strength, openness, and depth of feeling to song-writing.

Written from the very center of the author's experience, these songs have a vivid, vibrating authenticity. In "the lady with the braid," she asks: would you care to stay till sunrise / it's completely your decision / it's just the night cuts through me like a knife / would you care to stay awhile and save my life?

In "for sylvia who killed herself in 1963," she writes: i have been / where sylvia's been / she did not survive / came back / from where she was / i'm still / half alive.

But as deeply personal as they are, her words are universal, haunting the mind and engaging the feelings, touching the nerve in everyone who reads them.  They are real. They hurt. And they are very special.

"I have been an actress, model, and chorus girl," Dory Previn writes.  "I've worked at odd jobs-- secretary, salesgirl, accounting in a filling station (I have no aptitude for numbers), waitress, any- thing to keep me going while I pursued my writing.Then once in California I was a junior writer at MGM, a writer of cartoons for UPA studios, free-lance, half-hours for TV, and ten title songs for films, for which I've received three Academy Award nominations.  My biggest hobby is my writing--my vocation is also my avocation.

"After writing for ten years for films in a largely objective way, I decided to write subjectively-- decided is not the right word--was compelled is closer to it.  I wanted to write a totally autobiographical set of popular songs.  If I'd been a novelist, I'd have written a short story.  I am a lyric writer and composer; therefore there was no other way in which to express what I wanted to say about myself and my experiences and my observations."

Born and brought up in New Jersey, Dory Previn has lived for many years in California. Her first LP album has the same title as this book, her second was called Mythical Kings and Iguanas. Both received rave reviews and songs from both- together with many hitherto unrecorded lyrics- are included in this book.

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