Poems from the book, ON MY WAY TO WHERE
by Dory Previn
on my way to where
i exist i ain't his child
with my daddy in the attic
i was you too long men wander woman weep
i was you
a sadness in my head twenty-mile zone
mister whisper
two a.m. with a guard
stay awhile and yada yada la scala
the lady with the braid
  save my life angels and devils the following day
witnesses to confusion mary c. brown and the hollywood sign
the veterans' big parade
michael michael
for sylvia who killed herself in 1963
listen and it all i can't go on
  begins to fit scared to be alone
mythical kings and iguanas
  broken soul
brief bio of the author, Dory Previn
Poems from the book, POETRY FOR CATS
by Henry Beard
The End of the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe's Cat
Sitting by the Fire on a Snowy Evening by R. Frost's  Cat
To a Vase by Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Cat
The Hairball and the Mouse by Henry W. Longfellow's Cat
Short story from TELL ME THE SECRETS
by Max Lucado
Small Wooden People
Short Story
Teddy Stoddard